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Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma!

Updated : Aug 30,2016
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Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma! Reviews

Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma! is a free Comics app with over 1,000 download from Google Play. Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma! by Matkomik Creative Solution,With an overall rating of 4.21 and Total number of reviews 38.
Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma! is compatible with all platforms likely Android and also on Windows PC. Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma! works with Android "2.3" and higher version, so please check your system before install Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma!.  
And of course, one more thing is your Internet connection. We suggest you use the Wi-fi connection when download (Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma!) to save your 3G data.

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Description of Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma!

** This is a Website Apps www.matkomik.com. **
** These apps make it easier to read comics on a smartphone without opening a browser. **
** Still in the 'Beta', if any improvements please share your opinion. **

Matkomik is said terms are used by the people of Malaysia which refer that if someone is 'crazy comic', 'foot comics' or 'comic lovers'. Hence 'Matkomik' is used as the official name of the website page.

The contents of this website, everything about Comic Malaysia produced by locals only. And most importantly you can read it for free !.

The main purpose of this website is to create a platform for local comic artists whether amateur, semi-professional or amateur show and share their stories in the form of comics from a variety of genres; drama / mystery / fantasy / action and current issues without any restrictions or even worry about sales. Matkomik also be used as storage / archive for future generations.

The works in Matkomik more concerned about the message or the content to be delivered from the comic style of painting itself and the beauty of drawing comics. Because art is free, and each reader has different intrapetasi about something that works. So we need not quarrel about trivial this. Better to focus on how to promote and defend this local comics continue to demand and fresh over time.

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Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma! Version History
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Matkomik - Baca Komik Percuma! 0.1 APK
Aug 30,2016

Version :0.1

Updated : Aug 30,2016

Size : Updating