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INDIANS (Fiction House)1950 #1 APK

Offered By : laongsk

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INDIANS (Fiction House)1950 #1 Relive the golden age of comics !

The year is 1860, and this is the first Pony Express run for young Chip Blake. Chip has been taught that the only good Indian is a dead Indian. Still, his humanitarian ways make his stop to aid an Indian, treed by a bear. Months later, an Indian raid wounds another Pony Express rider, and it is up to Chip to finish the job. Chip, however, gets trapped and wounded by the same war party. He loses consciousness, and so does not see that the Indian he saved from the bear swoops in to his rescue, and delivers him safe to his destination.

Navigation: Flip pages as if you were reading the real thing.

Note: This comic is best viewed on a large screen size , as there is no zoom.

Public Domain Comic.

Version History
INDIANS (Fiction House)1950 #1 Icons
INDIANS (Fiction House)1950 #1 2.0 APK
Feb 23,2015

Version :2.0

Updated : Feb 23,2015

Size : Updating

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