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GoyGoy - Karikatür APK

Offered By : Caner SAMUT

Additional information

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All karikatürker we put together!

You can share your favorite cartoon, cartoon and read caps, we have created a platform to share and interpret.

you goygoy caps, it offers an environment where you can read reviews and share cartoons. goygoy 'a member can share caps and cartoons are creating your own profile. You can follow the profile you share caps and cartoons. caps on the profile that you like and you can access the listesine cartoons. This way you can keep your favorite caps and cartoons together.

You can keep track of your yaynıla caps and cartoons from the notification screen. You can see who you like and post your comments on your posts by whom. You can access the information from the notification screen is not your shipment is delivered.

Caps and comments to your cartoon, as you will notice is appreciated. Notifications can open or close the user profile.

You can göürüntüle dozens of categories in the category screen. Caps are collected and separated form the cartoon category. Submit your category you choose your publishing caps or cartoon. In this way you can distinguish easily caps in dozens of categories and cartoons that have accumulated. Which category of cartoon caps, or if you want to read it will be enough to click on the category.

You can access the posts published on the main page. caps and cartoons published by many users are listed on this page. You can also access the profile of the user that posted the posts from this page.

NOTE: Caps and cartoons are being examined before publication. You can track your shipments from the approved notification screen. that inappropriate content is not published.

What's New

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Version History
GoyGoy - Karikatür Icons
GoyGoy - Karikatür 1.0.1 APK
Aug 14,2016

Version :1.0.1

Updated : Aug 14,2016

Size : Updating

What's New :

* Hatalar giderildi.