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AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock

Updated : Jul 25,2017
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AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock Reviews

AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock is a free Tools app with over 10,000,000 download from Google Play. AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock by Cheetah Mobile (AppLock & AntiVirus),With an overall rating of 4.46 and Total number of reviews 72,481.
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock is compatible with all platforms likely Android and also on Windows PC. AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock works with Android "4.0" and higher version, so please check your system before install AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock.  
And of course, one more thing is your Internet connection. We suggest you use the Wi-fi connection when download (AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock) to save your 3G data.

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What's New:

Description of AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock

App Lock designed by Cheetah Mobile
We can support fingerprint unlock only if your Samsung device or the Android 6.0 device has the fingerprint sensor.

★ Android 6.0 is supported
★ Fingerprint lock password is supported on specific devices
★ Snap the snooper who tried to unlock your apps
★ Customized lock mode. You don't need to unlock apps every time.
★ No Ads and for FREE

What CM AppLock can lock for you?
★ Wi-Fi
★ Bluetooth
★ Incoming Calls
★ Installing / Uninstalling apps
★ Play Store
★ Browser
★ Settings
★ Any apps you want to protect from being snooped

---- Lock Everything (Apps and Switches) ----

★ For young men and women
You just need to lock private browsing histories, Video, Photos, Selfie, Album, Gallery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and any apps you want
Never worry about your parents or friends snooping on your secrets.

★ For parents
You just need to lock Settings, Contacts, SMS, Incoming Calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Browser, messaging apps.
Never worry about your kids change your important settings.

★ For worker
You just need to lock your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Incoming Calls, texts, SMS, Shareit, Photos, Video, browser.
Never worry about other people touching your phone. You can just put your phone on the table with no worries.

---- Intruder Selfie ----

Protect your apps all the time. No one can snoop on your apps without your permission.

★ Take a photo of who tried to unlock your app immediately
★ Email the snooper's photo to you immediately
★ The photo will record the date and the time

---- Password Type ----

CM App Lock provides you the different password types.

★ Set your Fingerprint as the password
★ Use Pattern (draw gesture)
★ Use PIN code (numbers)

---- Customized Lock Mode (Lock timing) ----

CM App Lock provides the temporary unlock. You don't need to unlock apps every time.

★ Lock your app at the device screen off
★ Lock your app after the device screen has been off for 3 mins
★ Lock your app after you minimize it immediately

---- Fingerprint lock supported on Android 6.0 or SAMSUNG devices ----

---- Coming soon ----

★ Holi Festival / Easter Festival / Christmas / Valentine's Day / Halloween theme
★ Amazing theme / wallpaper / background
★ Customized theme / wallpaper / background with your own photos
★ Hide apps / photos / videos in the private vault
★ App locker and manager
★ Device screen locker

Please contact us via cmapplock@cmcm.com if you have any questions or suggestions.
Your support is our motivation to move on. :-)

We provide you AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock apk file for Android to download and install for your mobile. You can download AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock directly on ApkPC.com,It's easy and warranty. Coming to join them and download AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock directly,Let go download button and follow download steps (Latest update of apps is 2017-07-25).

So, when you see empty AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock try after some time to get responses from an app.

AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock Version History
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock Icons
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock 1.0.3 APK
Jul 25,2017

Version :1.0.3

Updated : Jul 25,2017

Size : Updating

AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock Icons
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock 1.0.2 APK
Nov 29,2016

Version :1.0.2

Updated : Nov 29,2016

Size : Updating

AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock Icons
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock 1.0.2 APK
Nov 21,2016

Version :1.0.2

Updated : Nov 21,2016

Size : Updating

AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock Icons
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock 1.0.2 APK
Apr 08,2016

Version :1.0.2

Updated : Apr 08,2016

Size : 1,44 MB